the love for the Sea, on the tip of a brush

Custom watercolor paintings of boats. As a gift, as a souvenir, for you and for those who have the sea in their hearts

Size 30 x 40 cm

Your boat in any details

The maximum detail and customization of the painting without compromise, a careful work of analysis and research. A pure watercolor pleasure.

Particolare delle vele di un Bavaria 42 Vision


The dimensions of 30x40cm allow you to concentrate completely even on those minor details that would normally be neglected, such as the position of the radar, the winches and their handle, the bowsprit, the mast and the bow thruster, the type of propeller and all that definitely makes your boat ... your boat.
Prua di un Franchini 43s

Anchor, furler and shadows

..a Delta Anchor, a Rocna, a Danforth, a C.Q.R. or a Vulcan and whether the Propeller is, a Bruntons, a Maxprop, a Variprop, an Autoprop, a Kiwipop, a Volvo penta or a fixed three-blade, this format makes it possible to define every characteristic part of the boat, so as to fully reflect every detail .

Size 23 x 31 cm

The Essential in the most relevant forms

The water lines of the hull, the cutting of the sails, the flag, the propeller and the shading, all this is carefully analyzed together to define the true essence of the boat

Beneteau First 34.7

The most important details

The 21 x 30 cm format allows to express the most important details for the Owner, so as to see with the same eyes in the features of the painting what dances in the water. The living work and the topsides are supported by the sails in their most direct and representative structure

Sciarrelli Scia 50

Clean and essential lines

There is a whole poem in the lines of a boat that speaks of the sea, of water that flows caressing its shapes, as in a 1978 Sciarrelli Scià 50 where the precise lines of water and shadows of the hull express its nature to the best

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